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Creating working dylibs
Creating working dylibs that can be placed into your .app package, for dynamic libraries you want to put in Contents/Frameworks, rather than installing in a system-wide directory.
A really nice media player for the Mac. It's borderless and pluggable -- it supports playing both QuickTime content and DVDs. This is what I currently work on in my free time.
Active Timer
A small, lightweight application timer for OS X. It keeps track (in increments of five seconds) how long you spend in each application. I wrote this to keep track of how long I spent working on various projects, as opposed to spending time on things such as checking e-mail.
RSS Growler
An RSS menubar application designed specifically for use with Trac svn commit integration. It also uses Growl to provide commit log notifications along with some other very compelling features.
A reimplementation of UISwitch that supports custom graphics and text in the switch. Open source with a non restrictive license. For iPhone/iPad.
3DOSX: Three Dimensional File System Browser
A three-dimensional file browser for OS X, using spinning platters for the display of files.
Books, CDs and DVDs in My Collection
My catalog, cataloged using Delicious Library. E-mail me if you want to borrow an item (people I already know only, please!)