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F-Script Anywhere, Leopard Edition

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

For all of you developers using Leopard out there, I bring you an updated version of F-Script Anywhere, designed specifically to work with new features in Leopard. Since the old (and not so secure) way of adding yourself to the procmod group no longer works in Leopard, F-Script Anywhere has adopted the new method of using code signing authentication. Code signing allows you to trust specific developers and applications so that only those apps can use task_for_pid(), the call critical to F-Script Anywhere and similar apps. This provides enhanced security. All of the certificate copying is built into F-Script Anywhere, you just need to trust the included public certificate (F-Script Anywhere will try to add it to your keychain, you just need to accept the certificate). You may also need to restart your computer (there appears to be a certificate cache on Leopard that doesn’t always update properly).

Without further ado, F-Script Anywhere 1.3.1, Leopard Edition. F-Script Anywhere is now distributed as part of F-Script, at Note that source is available through Nicholas Riley’s trac/subversion server. If you wish to compile your own source, you will have to copy your public certificate into the appropriate place in the source tree. This needs to be a code signing certificate, either generated by a certificate authority or self created.