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Hiatus? Negative sir!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

I saw recently on macupdate that apparently as a developer I have been “on hiatus.” I would like to assure the internet that I have in fact not been absent, but that I would prefer to spend my time working on software than writing blog posts. In fact there have been updates to all of my applications, but most times I have not bothered to write about them. Although never mentioned here on this blog, I am the author of Wikipanion — the popular Wikipedia and wiki browsing software on iOS. A lot of my time has been spent maintaining and building that piece of software, but of course my older apps hold a special place in my mind. When I first wrote apps like Active Timer I was still a college student where my time did not have much value since everything I made was free. But as you know iOS developers are now quite in demand. Anyway Active Timer now costs money since the only model where it receives regular updates is one in which it can pay its own bills. I hope that the new features including “freezing timers” (splitting the existing time off and create a new timer) and project folders will be enough to entice you to purchase.

A friend Johan Basberg now does design work for Active Timer. We have a lot of great plans, but these can only come to fruition with your help. Thanks.

Additionally I have posted a limited demo of Active Timer. It is feature complete and unlimited in time, mostly give you helpful notices to purchase the full version after you have used it for awhile.