NicePlayer 0.94

We just released NicePlayer 0.94 onto the world. It has a number of new features, including support for the Apple Remote (check the preferences for what controls what — it’s not currently customizable, but that might be added in the future depending on the feedback we receive). NicePlayer also now uses almost no CPU when idle, since it takes better advantage of mouse tracking rects, as well as fixing some dvd display problems. All dvd display problems have been fixed (some new issues cropped up with the latest 10.4.6 update), my understanding is that these issues prevent NicePlayer from working properly on anything earlier than 10.3, so be warned. Also you now have the ability to do a “smart resize” (see the preferences — change “resize from” to “screen edge”). This will try and make sure that when you resize the window, the window will never get resized offscreen. This version of NicePlayer is also a universal binary so that you can finally watch those movies on your intel machine full screen without performance problems. No xine plugin yet (still having problems getting it to work, although I have gotten the source to compile), stay tuned on that.

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  1. Jay Tuley says:

    GCC 4.0 in the last release kept niceplayer from working on anything earlier than 10.3.9. I know I said that 10.3.9 wasn’t working right in this release, but I was experiencing random crashes that seem like the same crashes fixed in 0.94.1 when the dvd plugin order was first. I haven’t rebooted in to 10.3.9 yet to see, Although it’s probably better that officially we only support 10.4. Why doesn’t PPC mac virtualization exist!! I believe MacOnMac is now abandoned.

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