NicePlayer Progress

With the new year brings a new release of NicePlayer. Now with updated resources for enhanced prettiness, as well as fixes for some of the bad crashes that have been happening. There are now more preferences for double click/right clicking action, as well as a preference to preserve the audio volume across new window openings. NicePlayer is now open source, so feel free download the source and contribute patches! Since NicePlayer is open source, we are now offering a downloadable package that includes installers for all of the greatest open source quicktime component codecs.

2 Responses to “NicePlayer Progress”

  1. brady says:


    i was wondering if there’s been any progress on a universal binary version of the xine plugin for niceplayer? the powerpc version isn’t detected by niceplayer, and i’d love to have that open-source codec yumminess on my mac. thanks for a great program so far, keep up the awesome work!


  2. Robert Chin says:

    I’ve gotten it to compile, but it’s extremely tricky getting it to work with NicePlayer. Last time I was able to use pre-build libraries from Rich Wareham — unfortunately he hasn’t worked on XineKit in awhile. You can, however, download Perian, which is a QuickTime component and provides playback of almost every file that Xine does — and it is built using open source codec technology as well (and many of the codec code used in Perian is the same codec code used in Xine).

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