NicePlayer 0.96

For those of you who didn’t notice, we released NicePlayer 0.96 two weeks ago, most importantly bringing compatibility with Leopard. It also has progressive movie loading status in the scrubbing area, as well as some subtitle fixes (most of the features in this version were brought to you by Jay). There are also some other minor bug fixes… we’re always looking for suggestions, and now that NicPlayer is open source, we’re also open to accepting patches for new features.

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  1. Jay Tuley says:

    Yeah i rushed 0.96 out too fast, so i’ve been working on 0.96.1, which has bug fixes to newly introduced bugs, and also been playing around with some of the easy leopard specific features such as larger graphics and resolution independance, codesigning. I be working at cocoaheads tonight, expect another release before next week.

  2. Luis says:

    I will like to know how to uninstall printselection from my leopard system.


  3. Nitin says:

    the apple remote control does not work with niceplayer 0.96, for some reason, i have it checked in preference for support for apple remote. can someone help me out with that? thanks

  4. Victor says:

    Great job on Niceplayer, I have a few questions, and was wondering if you’d be interested in adding a feature or two? Can you email me back when you get a chance?

  5. Robert Chin says:

    Victor: Definitely, but you should e-mail the main NicePlayer list address (there’s a link from the NicePlayer web site). That way the discussion will involve everyone who cares about NicePlayer. Thanks.

  6. Ray says:

    Re: Niceplayer

    Better than nice, its elegant and sophisticated, delightful to use. I’ve been looking for something just like this for ages – playing multiple video files on screen without controller clutter. You have a solid niche here and a potentially memorable product.

    One issue I’ve noticed is than when in full screen presentation mode, you cannot switch to another application unless you first exit back to windowed player mode. – QTPlayer allows this.

    Desires for new features (sorry a few). I’d like to completely dump QT PLayer and use NicePlayer for everything but there’s a few indispensable features in QTPLayer I need and hope they could they be intergrated into NicePlayer.

    Desires – in no order of preference!

    1) Marking In and Out points (I & O keys) and then being able to “Play Selection Only” A per QTPLayer.

    2) Tricky one this – Being able to crop the video window, by dragging to the edges of the window to any size so that only the selected area of the video file is playing. Then being able to drag the whole video area around within that crop to slide across to a different part of the video image area (imagine how you might move around when viewing an enlarged area of a big image in Photoshop).

    3) Being able to set playback aspect ration and cropping ration – similar to VLC when the file playing back is squashed from 16:9 to 4:3

    4) It would be good to have video colour, brightness etc. controls as per QTPLayer

    5) Being able to open a image sequence automatically as a video file (as per QTPLayer) but with controls over ordering the image (name, date, size, random etc.). Left right keys, slideshow speed etc. I know this goes off on a tanget but it would be great. Niceplayer does open single images so hopefully groups could be opened too.

    6) being able to quickly rename the video file’s filename from within Nideplayer. Useful for catalog work.

    7) Where possible, closer adoption of QTPLayer keyboard shortcuts – would encourage users to make the switch!.

    I know I’m being demanding but have taken the trouble to write because as someone who has worked with Video on Mac since waaay back I’m really excited about your excellent work and hope NIcePlayer goes from strength to strength and is seen up there alongside VLC as an indispensable video player for Mac.. On my part I’d like to suport the project and am happy to beta test and also (shocking for me!) prepared to put my money where my mouth is regarding buying, shareware fees etc.

    Keep me posted and I do hope you keep up this excellent work.

    Regards, Ray

  7. olivier says:

    Hi Robert, I have an idea for a iphone app, could you send me an email on so I can explain you what it is. Thanks, olivier, from France.

  8. Gil Penchina says:

    Hi Robert,

    I was hoping to get in touch with you – can you let me know the best way to reach out? Phone, email, skype, etc? I’m really blown away by Wikipanion and Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia founder) was too.


    Gil Penchina
    CEO Wikia

  9. mandrilla says:

    nice player doesn’t work on mac OS X Lion
    Are you planning on releasing a compatible version?

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