NicePlayer, Lion beta edition

I’ve built a new version of NicePlayer that plays nicer with Lion. Please test it out and let me know whether you run into any issues. If no one runs into any problems then we will post this as a NicePlayer update. Download NicePlayer 0.97.9-rc pre-release.

3 Responses to “NicePlayer, Lion beta edition”

  1. Daniele says:

    Migrated to Lion few days ago, discovered NicePlayer not working properly, not able to play neither m4v nor avi files (panic!), found the blog, installed 0.97.9 pre-release, it works fine! If I’ll experience any other issues, I’ll let you know.
    Thank you Robert!
    Daniele, Italy

  2. Mark Keegan says:

    does not work on 10.7.3

  3. Vincent says:

    NicePlayer has been pretty unstable under Mountain Lion. It’s hard to pin down exactly how, where, and why it crashes. It seems to crash quite a bit when closing a movie. So that’s a start…

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