StarCraft Multiplayer Strategies & Secrets

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StarCraft Multiplayer: Unofficial Strategies & Secrets 0 focuses specifically on f0i StarCraft 0 's multiplayer mode instead of trying to cover every aspect and feature of the game. Penned by Gamers Extreme, a group of well-known hard-core game players (such as Dennis "Thresh" Fong, who cowrote the Sybex guide to f0i Quake II 0 ), the book begins with a great introduction to, Blizzard Entertainment's free online gaming service and the (primary) Internet home of f0i StarCraft 0 . The guide then moves on to the actual nitty-gritty of gameplay, highlighting basic tactics and in-depth, race-specific strategies that will help you win no matter what race you play as--or against. f0i --Michael Ryan