ASP: Active Server Pages

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In an age in which technological Next Big Things have the lifespan of a mayfly, Microsoft's Active Server Pages development tool for the World Wide Web is sure to prove an exception. This you can prove for yourself, thanks to f1b ASP: Active Server Pages f0b0 by authors and Internet development consultants Andrew M. Fedorchek and David K. Rensin. A book and software package designed especially for professional Internet developers, f1b ASP: Active Server Pages f0b0 covers all major aspects of the Microsoft ASP, including Building ASP pages with VBScript Understanding the ASP internal object model Taking advantage of external ASP components such as the Database Access and Advertisement Rotator Components Writing your own ASP components in Visual Basic and ActiveX components in Visual C++ Plus, on the CD-ROM accompanying f1b ASP: Active Server Pages f0b0 , you get all the source code presented in the book along with ready-to-use applications for tracking advertising hits and reading and writing POP3 e-mail.