Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit: The Technical Guide to Planning For, Installing, Configuring, and Supporting Windows 95 in Your Organization

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Direct from the Windows 95 development team, the WINDOWS 95 RESOURCE KIT is, quite simply, the most comprehensive collection of information and tools available for anyone installing, troubleshooting, and optimizing Windows 95 on a single PC or an enterprise-wide network. This is the successor to the super-successful WINDOWS 3.1 RESOURCE KIT (more than 500,000 copies sold) and available for the first time through traditional trade channels. The valuable software tools on 3.5" disk are geared towards network administrators and users, and, since the CD version of Windows 95 (Windows 95 Plus) will contain many of the tools, we are offering the book in two configurations - with and without software. The CD buyers will want the book only, and 3.5" disk buyers will want the software if they're on or running a network. This is the only book from any publisher that will be directly mentioned in the Windows 95 manual, the Help system, and on the support card. We strongly feel it's a guaranteed #1 computer book best seller.