Maximum Security

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This book is written for system administrators who need to know how to keep their systems secure from unauthorized use. The anonymous author takes a hacker's view of various systems, focusing on how the system can be cracked and how you can secure the vulnerable areas. The book makes it clear from the outset that you cannot rely on commercial software for security. Some of it is flawed, and even the best of it has to be used correctly to provide even the most basic security measures. The author scrutinizes such operating systems as Microsoft Windows, Unix, Novell, and Macintosh. He details many of the tools crackers use to attack the system, including several that have legitimate uses for system administration. Rather than merely cataloging areas of risk and showing how various flaws can be exploited, the author makes every effort to show how security holes can be avoided and remedied. Maximum Security tells you which software to avoid and then details which security tools are invaluable, providing the URLs necessary to acquire them. An enclosed CD-ROM provides links to many of the tools and resources discussed in the book. The CD-ROM also leads you to several online documents where you can learn more about Internet security in general and specifics for securing your own site. --Elizabeth Lewis