Borrow from me

Brian Jacques' superb Redwall series truly captures the finest in storytelling tradition and combines it with the ultimate in upbeat, catch-your-breath adventure. Mossflower, A Tale of Redwall , tells the story of Martin the Warrior, who finds himself trespassing on the land of Verdagua, King of a Thousand Eyes, as he lays sick and near dying and trying to make a decision on who should replace him as ruler of Mossflower Country. As Martin becomes embroiled in the battle against the evil and ruthless daughter of Verdagua, Tsarmina, alongside his new-found friend and fellow prisoner Gonff, a bloody fight between good and evil ensues. Stunning landscapes, brilliant characterisation, masterly plots and a wicked sense of humour unite in this epic, page-turningingly breathless tale of derring-do and the triumph of good over evil, making it one of the most addictive and memorable books that anyone is ever likely to read. (Ages 9 and over) -- Susan Harrison