The Jungle (Bantam Classics)

Borrow from me

In this powerful book we enter the world of'ca'caJurgis Rudkus, a young Lithuanian immigrant who arrives'ca'cain America fired with dreams of wealth, freedom,'ca'caand opportunity. And we discover, with him, the'ca'caastonishing truth about "packingtown," the'ca'cabusy, flourishing, filthy Chicago stockyards, where'ca'canew world visions perish in a jungle of human'ca'casuffering. Upton Sinclair, master of the'ca'ca"muckraking" novel, here explores the workingman's'ca'calot at the turn of the century: the backbreaking'ca'calabor, the injustices of "wage-slavery,"'ca'cathe bewildering chaos of urban life. The'ca'caJungle , a story so shocking that it'ca'calaunched a government investigation, recreates this'ca'castartling chapter if our history in unflinching'ca'cadetail. Always a vigorous champion on political reform,'ca'caSinclair is also a gripping storyteller, and his'ca'ca1906 novel stands as one of the most important --'ca'caand moving -- works in the literature of social'ca'cachange.