Black Holes and Baby Universes and Other Essays

Borrow from me

Readers worldwide have come to know the work of'ca'caStephen Hawking through his phenomenal million-copy'ca'cahardcover best-seller A Brief History of Time . Bantam is proud to present the'ca'capaperback edition of Dr. Hawking's first new book'ca'casince that event, a collection of fascinating and'ca'cailluminating essays, and a remarkable interview'ca'cabroadcast by the BBC on Christmas Day, 1992. These'ca'cafourteen pieces reveal Hawking variously as the'ca'cascientist, the man, the concerned world citizen,'ca'caand-always-the rigorous and imaginative thinker.'ca'caHawking's wit, directness of style, and absence of pomp'ca'cacharacterize all of them, whether he is'ca'caremembering his first experience at nursery school; calling'ca'cafor adequate education in science that will enable'ca'cathe public to play its part in making informed'ca'cadecisions on matters such as nuclear disarmament;'ca'caexploring the origins of the future of the universe;'ca'caor reflecting on the history of A Brief'ca'caHistory of Time. Black Holes and Baby Universes is an important work from'ca'caone of the greatest minds of the twentieth'ca'cacentury.