RSS Growler

RSS Growler is a menu bar item RSS reader similar to RSS Menu, but designed specifically for use with Trac. It should also work with other RSS feeds, but will provide less compelling advantages. Specifically, RSS Growler is designed for developers working on projects that are using svn Trac integration to provide commit logs and diffs through RSS. RSS Growler has the following features: You'll probably want Growl in order to take full advantage of RSS Growler.


RSS Growler 1.5.1 fixes a minor bug where some RSS feeds looked like they had an error but in reality they worked correctly.

RSS Growler 1.5 adds support for Atom feeds, as well as fixing a few minor bugs. It is also code signed with an Apple registered developer signature to allow for easier installation on your system if you have Gatekeeper enabled on Mountain Lion. Also includes retina menubar icons.

RSS Growler 1.4 is compatible with Growl 1.3. No other changes.

RSS Growler 1.3 fixes many bugs with generic RSS feeds, as well as adding support for RSS 1.0 feeds.

RSS Growler 1.1 fixes some bugs with cached RSS/trac target pages, and fixes some problems with creating feeds and setting preferences (you no longer have to hit enter or tab out of the field before closing the window for things to take effect).


RSS Growler 1.5.1 (Universal Binary, 220 KB)
RSS Growler 1.5 (Universal Binary, 244 KB)
RSS Growler 1.4 (Universal Binary, 174 KB)
RSS Growler 1.3 (Universal Binary, 152 KB)
RSS Growler 1.1 (Universal Binary, 146 KB)
RSS Growler 1.0 (Universal Binary, 140 KB)


Licensed under an MIT-style license.
RSS Growler 1.5 Source (XCode Project, 354 KB)
RSS Growler 1.4 Source (XCode Project, 317 KB)
RSS Growler 1.3 Source (XCode Project, 236 KB)
RSS Growler 1.1 Source (XCode Project, 226 KB)
RSS Growler 1.0 Source (XCode Project, 144 KB)


RSS Growler is powered by core data, bindings and xml tree based parsing. If you enjoy it, consider purchasing a copy of Wikipanion Plus for your iPhone or iPad to help support future development.

This app was written by Robert Chin, be sure to check out my development page and my development blog.