XinePlayer (XineKit) Plugin for NicePlayer

Many thanks to Richard Wareham for his work on XinePlayer and XineKit. It has made the NicePlayer XinePlayer Plugin possible -- now the best way to view media on the Mac! You can combine the great rendering and media handling of Xine with the amazing interface of NicePlayer.

Visit the NicePlayer web site for more information about NicePlayer.
Visit the XinePlayer web site for more information about XinePlayer and XineKit
Visit the NicePlayer support web site for support regarding NicePlayer. Note that no support is provided for the XinePlayer Plugin for NicePlayer.

This plugin requires NicePlayer 0.92 (v305), as earlier versions do not contain the necessary support for plugin loading.


Installing is easy. Just click on the binary to download, and then run the installer package. After it's installed, launch NicePlayer, and go to the NicePlayer preferences. Drag XinePlayer above QuickTime so that it will have priority when opening media. Note that you'll need administrator access to install the Xine-NicePlayer plugin using the auto installer.
Installer for Tiger: (2.7 MB) (version 1.3)
Installer for Panther: (2.7 MB) (version 1.3)

Also available is a bundle that you can self install into either /Library/Application Support/NicePlayer/Plugins or into ~/Library/Application Support/NicePlayer/Plugins. You can also put it into the Plugins folder in the application itself, although the latter option is not recommended. You don't need administrator access for these, but you may have to create some folders if they don't exist already.

The bundle itself for self-install: (2.8 MB) (version 1.3)
The source: (3.2 MB)

You'll probably want the binary. If you want the source for the compiled libraries that are distributed with the file, you'll want to download the complete source to XinePlayer. It has everything you need. The libraries do have many dependancies, however, so I recommend not trying to build the XinePlayer source from scratch unless you reuse the existing compiled libraries for media playback.


The Xine-NicePlayer plugin will not work if NicePlayer is installed on AFS. I'm not sure why, but it doesn't.
Why do you need administrator access to install the Xine-NicePlayer plugin? It needs to go in a special directory in your system wide /Library folder. This is mostly due to an oversight in the designing of certain shared library resolution programs in OS X. You can use otool to fix the shared library paths yourself, however, if you want to install it to your ~/Library folder. I may try to do some sort of workaround in the future, but all the workarounds I can think of at the moment are big hacks.

Older Versions

If you find a bug in the current release, please let me know so I can fix it!

In any case, here are the previous versions of the NicePlayer XineKit plugin in case you need them: (2.9 MB) (version 1.2 self install bundle) (2.9 MB) (version 1.2a for Panther) (2.9 MB) (version 1.2a) (2.9 MB) (version 1.2) (2.7 MB) (version 1.1)