Wondering how to customize UISwitch to get your own colors and/or icons like in Wikipanion? Look no further. To help further public iPhone/iPad application development, Sascha Hoehne (artist) and I (Robert Chin, software engineer) are releasing our reimplementation of UISwitch under a free MIT-style license. That means you can use it in your own app without attribution. If you find it useful, consider buying a copy of Wikipanion Plus (or two). Drop us a line if you use it in your app, we would love to hear from you (support at wikipanion dot net).

Note that the biggest caveat is that you won't inherit Apple's localizations for the ON/OFF text... you'll have to localize that yourself.


Oct. 5, 2011. RCSwitch 1.5 released, updated assets to match iOS 5 switch look.
Jan. 17, 2011. RCSwitch 1.4 released, fixes a memory leak and changes animation duration to match iOS 4.0 length when on iOS 4 devices.
Jul. 13, 2010. RCSwitch 1.3 released, minor behavior fix for switching on/off to match UISwitch behavior.
Jun. 26, 2010. RCSwitch 1.2 released, adds iPhone 4 2x graphics.
May. 7, 2010. RCSwitch 1.1 released, works around some iPhone stretcheable image bugs that only appear when running on the device.
Apr. 8, 2010. RCSwitch released.


Licensed under an MIT-style license.
RCSwitch 1.5 Source (XCode Project, 100 KB)
RCSwitch 1.4 Source (XCode Project, 66 KB)
RCSwitch 1.3 Source (XCode Project, 57 KB)
RCSwitch 1.2 Source (XCode Project, 44 KB)
RCSwitch 1.1 Source (XCode Project, 50 KB)
RCSwitch 1.0 Source (XCode Project, 51 KB)


This project was authored by Robert Chin, be sure to check out my development page and my development blog. The artwork was drawn by Sascha Hoehne.