F-Script Anywhere

For those of you who use F-Script Aywhere to inject f-script into your running application, you have probably noticed that F-Script Anywhere doesn’t work with the latest few releases of F-Script. I’ve updated F-Script Anywhere from Nicholas Riley’s top of tree, and fixed it so that it works properly. This currently only works with ppc binaries, but I’ll look into the work necessary to make F-Script Anywhere work on my intel mac as well next week. For the time being, download FScriptAnywhere.zip. It uses mach_inject (which is what Nicholas Riley was last working on, he held off on release due to a few random crashes, however things are stable enough for my use on a regular basis).

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  1. jg says:

    If you want any outside testing of an intel build, dop me a note.

  2. Hi Robert – thanks for doing this work. I’m anxious to get something working on Intel, so I’d be happy to see the sources for your updated version. Can you post them in advance of your planned work next week?

  3. Robert Chin says:

    Daniel, sorry about not replying a few days earlier, I just saw your message today (it appears word press stopped e-mailing me when people comment for some reason). I’ve released a new version of FSA that is universal — let me know if you still want the source. Or I can just give you a diff, as there aren’t that many changes.

  4. Hi Robert – that’s awesome. I will go and try out the new universal version.

    I don’t have a desperate need for the source, unless I spot something funny. But it would be cool to share it I think if only in the spirit of GPL. Maybe you can post a diff archive along with the binary?

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